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Areas of Expertise

Counselling & Arts Therapy

Successful therapy is based on the quality of the relationship between myself (the therapist) and you (the client). My approach is based on deep respect and non-judgemental acceptance for all people I work with.

Utilising an element of creativity within therapy enables you to speak through art making, and reflection, because sometimes spoken words don’t exist for your experience.

Arts therapy connects you with your deeper emotions, as humans we are more likely to work in an unedited and unfiltered way when working creatively. This means that we may be able to move to the heart of the matter quicker than talking alone.

During your sessions, you may be invited to use collage, drawing, painting, sculpture, creative writing, clay work, movement, and more, to connect with and express your inner world.

If you think of yourself as not a creative person, that is ok. Using art in therapy is focussed on the process of creating and meaning making, not about the end product. It can be effective for everyone, young and old.

Some sessions may not use art making. We may focus on talking, and that is ok too.

Professional Supervision and Coaching

It can be tough working within health. Professional supervision and coaching sessions can assist in developing and growing you as a professional. Within these sessions you will grow your self-awareness, have a sounding board, process challenges at work such as stress, burn out, organisational demands, relationships, and emotions. In our relationship I will be your cheer leader, yet will not be afraid to gently challenge you to support your growth.

Career Development

Making tertiary study or subject decisions can be tough for young people, with multiple pressures sometimes influencing the outcome.  If you are a young person facing decisions in career direction, then attending one on one career coaching can assist you to uncover clarity to make the best decision for you.

You may be looking for new direction as an adult, perhaps your current role is no longer as fulfilling as it once was, but you are unsure of the next step. Or you could be trying to decide whether to take on further professional study. You may be re-entering the workforce after a pause.  One on one career coaching can assist you to discover what is really important to you and we can work together to assist you take that next step with courage.

Public Speaking & Workshops

As a dynamic, engaging speaker, and workshop facilitator, Jo works with audiences of any size on topics including Connection and Empathy, Creativity, Living Authenticity, and Navigating Grief. If you have another topic in mind please get in touch.

Counselling & Arts Thr
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My Approach

My therapy approach is holistic, and guided by Sir Mason Durie’s model of Te Whare Tapa Wha. It also draws upon a number of therapeutic frameworks such as Mindfulness, Person-centred, Positive Psychology, Strengths based, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

In our sessions we’ll explore what works for you and in this way, we’ll find the way forward together.

Online sessions are available.

COVID safety. It is your choice if you wear a mask in our face to face sessions. If I am visiting you on-site I will follow the workplace policy regarding health and safety.


$150 per 55-minute session.


Note: Appointments must be changed/cancelled 24hr prior, or the full appointment will be charged.

Most people come to therapy weekly or fortnightly.

Art materials are supplied.

Funding Options:

I am a service provider for Gumboot Friday which offers 2 fully funded sessions with me if you are under 25yrs.

There is also funding available under the WINZ Disability Allowance. If it is decided that you or your child may require counselling, a disability certificate counselling form will need to be completed by your General Practitioner and myself.


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My Approach
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